Bernhard and Elisabeth Kahiko

© Basler Afrika Bibliographien D81_page 63_D 01-1393 translation caption: “again pastor Bernhard and Elisabeth”

«Elisabeth Kahiko came with her husband from Karibib to Okahandja and was available for recordings. She lived much longer than her husband and died in 1983 in Katutura»

Translation from German: «Elisabeth Kahiko kam mit ihrem Mann von Karibib nach Okahandja und stand zu Aufnahmen zur Verfügung, Sie hat ihren Mann lange überlebt und ist 1983 in Katutura gestorben» (Dammann Manuscript, PA 39 III B.1.13)

[disclaimer: all captions are adopted from the Dammann collection and the finding aid of the BAB. The information are partly incorrect due to errors in translation or understanding.]

Elisabeth Kahiko: [report how to find ocher colour]
Bernhard Kahiko: [report of an experience with a Lion]

Translation: “[…] Bernhard und Elisabeth Kahiko came from Karibib already in the morning. They already drove off in the evening at 9 o’clock and at 4 o’clock they were in Okahandja. On our part nothing is done for their catering, which I don’t find right […]” (Ruth Dammann diary page 55)

Translation: “[…] The Herero service is led by Bernhard.  The married couple is very congenial and modest, he is 63 years old and is now supposed to become a Pastor in a course in Karibib. She particularly knows a lot about the old things and is only 49 years old. When singing the dances, the recordings don’t work, since she constantly burst out laughing. About a story with a lion that he experienced himself, he starts crying […]” (Ruth Dammann Diary page 55)

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